Paper Flower Pre-Cut Kits

Complete Paper Flower Kits 🌸 Do-It-Yourself Paper Flower Kits 
Now you can easily craft your very own paper flowers for weddings, special events or personalized home décor! Each kit includes precision cut petals from the highest quality card stock, strong backings for professional looking installations and beautifully detailed centers.

Complete with pre-cut petals, pretty centers, sturdy cardboard backing, a step by step direction sheet and a link to video instructions, our DIY flower kit contains everything you need to create paper blooms right at home. Multi-layered petals make up this charming bloom. The unique centers make it fabulous and tons of fun to make.

You will receive 1 (one) paper flower kit to create
1 (one)Paper Flower
pre-cut petals
sturdy backing
color step by step written directions
link to video instructions that also include tips on customizing and styling the flowers